A warm and welcoming woman who also has a fierce temper and likes to state her opinions the minute she has them, Maggie is easily insulted by her father when he infers that he finds her refusal to ‘get with the times’ refreshing (his own emotional manipulation) and is happy that she has settled into her life as a ‘mature and sensible woman.’ She’s so insulted by this, it spurs her to spend a couple of days in New York City buying all new clothes and having a makeover, so she can fly out to California and see her ex after twelve years apart. Once she gets there and spots the woman attempting to chase after her former husband, Maggie puts on the charm and flattery and delivers her a bunch of underhanded compliments and, in the instance of tricking her into going camping with the girls (something she knows will ruin the relationship for good), some downright sneaky and clever manipulations. She also manages to seduce Mitch in the kitchen, by pretending she needs help with her apron (just so he can touch her), planning on “having the house all to myself” (suspecting the camping trip will end early), and being ready to accept his apology. Though she argues much of what happened to them ‘was a long time ago,’ Maggie has not moved on, found another man, given away her heart, and falls right back into the same relationship patterns with Mitch that she had in their marriage—epic quarrels followed by passionate kisses. Until Susan came along, she was somewhat settled in her ways in Boston and content to leave things the same.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Susan finds her mother busy with the Red Cross and other social events, but the minute she implies she needs help in thinking about a boy, her mother drops everything to go on a picnic with her and give her advice about men and marriage. Maggie feels insulted enough by her father demeaning her appearance as matronly to change it to appeal more to modern sensibilities. She initially disapproves of her daughter’s short haircut, and seeks approval when she shears off her own hair into the latest style. She flatters and charms her way through Mitch’s household, routinely insulting his fiancé with a smile, all in the service of getting rid of her for good, so she can have the man she forgot she loved back.