Riven seems to exist purely in pursuit of sensory pleasures and distractions; his teachers think he wastes his potential, because he is too busy getting high and carrying on sexual affairs with fellow students (including Beatrix) to focus much on his studies. Though an admirable fighter who likes to improvise, Riven focuses a lot of his attention on noticing traits about the people around him and exploiting them for personal gain. He sees Dane’s bisexuality before anyone else, but isn’t sure whether he is gay, straight, or both, so he sets up situations to test him, often provoking him through ruthless teasing and/or demeaning comments intended to create a reaction. Riven is always looking for a way to shift a situation in his direction, and is unconcerned with the ethics of it, in the process. He can be mean spirited, spreading rumors around the school about Bloom being a Changeling for his own amusement. He also seeks a sense of ‘external belonging’ through his lower Fe, that attaches itself to Beatrix’s promises of a shared community, a greater future for those that align with Rosalind, and a casual ‘freeness’ in his drug experimentation (one partner? Two? Why not a group inhale?). His focus on the here and now and its potential makes it hard for him to see through anyone or guess their motivations, though he is right about Dane’s sexual proclivities.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Riven cares almost nothing for his magical education or training; he would rather laze around the school, smoking, drinking, and partying, and he likes to find people to hang out with who encourage that rather than preach at him for it. He is unapologetic in his behavior, smoking a joint in broad daylight in their dorm room, despite it being against all the school rules, because in his mind, rules do not apply to him. If challenged on anything, he will rationalize and argue his way out of it, or try to lure his friends into a shared experience. Riven’s 8 wing is aggressive, dominant with people he thinks are weaker than him, and doubly hedonistic. He sees no reason to apologize for himself.