Sky is warm and approachable, and easily makes Bloom feel right at home in the school, when he offers to show her around and tell her where to find her homeroom. He has strong moral opinions, but also will push aside his own feelings and needs to accommodate others—though he disapproves of what Stella did to the last girl who dared to flirt with him, he continues to be her moral support, encourage her to be a good person, and stand up for her. Yet, he also questions what kind of a person that makes both of them, that she could do that (and allow others to think she blinded someone on purpose, rather than lost control) and that he would put up with it. Sky has a lot of trust in the institution that built him, and in the relationships he has forged at the school. He’s become an excellent fighter through long years of training and has total trust in his instructor. It blindsides him to learn that his father died in circumstances other than first described (that he died under false pretenses, and was in fact, trying to prevent a friend from doing the moral thing). He is both cautious of the unknown, and does not like to take risks; he distrusts anything new, until he has tested it, and Bloom is able to fool him several times as to her intentions. Once he knows what she is doing, he wants to stop her, because it isn’t safe.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Sky is too agreeable. He’s too willing to forgive people their mistakes. He stays friends with people who are bad for him—he’s afraid to tell Stella no. She picks him up and uses him much of the time, even when he has started to gravitate toward another girl, and sucks him back into their relationship, almost against his will. It’s hard for him to stand up to her, or tell her no. It’s difficult for him to confront people. He just ‘goes along’ with them until they violate one of his 1 wing moral principles, and then that motivates him to call them out for their bad behavior. He finds it hard to forgive his teacher’s murder of his father, or to believe the worst of him or accept his father’s role in mass murder. He remains friends with Riven, while also disapproving of the company he keeps and what he is doing to himself with drugs.