Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Beatrix was sent to the school to infiltrate among the students and free Rosalind. She logically thinks her way through this, but her ways of getting what she wants are rarely ethical—she works alongside Ms. Dowling’s assistant for a while, then uses him to spring the trap. When she does not have ‘enough time’ to cure him with her magic, she uses it simply to destroy him. When she finds Bloom snooping around in the basement, she takes an interest in her shared fascination with Rosalind, and invites her along to the mountainside, where she tells her ‘the true story’ (as she knows it) of what happened there, leading Bloom to believe her parents died in the fire. Beatrix will string people along by getting them to believe of her, and of each other, whatever is most useful in the moment. But there’s also a low Fe ‘mean streak’ to her activities outside her goal. There’s no external logical reason to hurt Terra by getting Dane to trash-talk about her, but Beatrix does it anyway. She plays with people’s feelings for fun in her down time, and enjoys seeing them squirm. She demeans them through verbal language intended to provoke an emotional response, such as when she mocks her predecessor, by saying he couldn’t do it, so they sent ‘a girl’ to do it for him. Beatrix likes to dig the knife into her victims and find ways to cause them emotional pain, for no other reason than her own joy in playing with them. She attempts to charm Ms. Dowling into allowing her to become her assistant, a means of gaining access to her secret files, but her attempts are so obvious and fake, Ms. Dowling dismisses her offhand and thinks of her as a ‘suck up’ behind her back. Beatrix’s emotional manipulation is more successful with Bloom, Dane, and Riven. She convinces them all she has something to offer them (a part in something greater, a relationship, the promise of better things to come) and sells it to them in ‘we’ terms – come and join ‘us,’ ‘we’ have a good thing going here, ‘we are the same, Bloom… we both want answers.’ Her self-admitted crowning glory is when she insists on screaming while Ms. Dowling breaks through her mental barriers; even though it does not hurt, Beatrix takes great pleasure in telling her it will ruin her reputation among the students. They will see their headmistress in a new light, because she tortured that poor student for weeks… and then, one day the screaming stopped. Like many unhealthy ISTPs, Beatrix doesn’t recognize her responsibility toward other people on an emotional level, or have any ethics, she just is playing a game in which she intends them to lose, and she will use whatever tricks she can to discredit them in other people’s eyes. Beatrix, when she is not figuring out how to break through Ms. Dowling’s barriers and free Rosalind, spends her time having sex with Riven, doing drugs, engaging in almost-threesomes with Dane, and watching for opportunities to act.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Beatrix disdains weakness and mocks it in other people, ruthlessly. She is aggressive, assertive, and dominant with the boys she seduces into doing her bidding. She initiates sexually-charged situations, such as when she introduces Dane into three way “drugs.” If she sees a weakness in someone, such as Terra’s affection for Dane, she will find a way to exploit and crush it, as an unhealthy individual who is just out to take whatever she can get, and free the person she cares about. Beatrix is hedonistic, self-indulgent, and doesn’t like to admit to her own weaknesses. Her screaming and pleas for them to stop torturing her are fake—and a “game” she is playing with them, in which she intends to be victorious.