Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Rosalind does whatever is necessary to accomplish a goal, to the extent that she often keeps information from those working with her, so she can later use it against them. She does not tell her ‘moralistic’ cohorts that the town they are about to burn to the ground still has civilians in it, leading them to work with her despite any qualms the truth might have given them; she tells Bloom the village was full of witches who practiced sacrificial fairy magic (and stole Bloom to use in a rite). She executes a tactical power grab to take back the school from Farah, by getting the Queen’s approval on appointing her the new headmistress. When she cannot convince Farah to go along with her, she simply snaps her neck and makes her body disappear, saying that she has gone on a ‘long holiday’ to avoid drawing any attention to her absence. Farah says of her that Rosalind ‘always had an agenda,’ a secret motivation working behind the scenes, and she keeps it from other people in her grand pursuit of a master plan. She is ruthless enough that she is willing to endanger an entire school full of teenagers to trigger Bloom’s ancient magic (presumably, her intention from childhood, when they first liberated her from the burned out village), by sucking up the magic from the forest stones to replenish her own power. No one knows what her motivations are, or whether she has a good reason for them, because she keeps her emotions tucked well out of sight.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Rosalind believes in force and aggression and sees too much humanity as a weakness none of them can afford. She is willing to take risks and sacrifice others in the pursuit of her greater ambitions, and has an ‘either with or against me’ mindset. She will attempt to win over others to her side through revealing small amounts of information which always allow her to retain most of the power in the situation, and if they refuse, she will turn against and ‘dethrone’ them. She believes it’s time to take a more militant, aggressive stance against their enemies. But she is also secretive, mild in her rebukes, and somewhat withdrawn.