Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Musa is not a very well-developed character, in part because she appears to spend so much time in her inferior Fe, due to being an empath fairy. Socially awkward and rather poor with other people, she gravitates toward individuals who make her feel safe and calm, because it allows her to step outside of the tumult of internalizing everyone’s feelings. But there are flashes of high Ti thinking—she figures out how to use her magic by doing it. When told that she can take away part of the pain of someone she loves, Musa just takes their hand and… does it. She doesn’t object to spying on other people’s auras and feelings for a greater cause, which lends Ms. Dowling a brief advantage. Musa does not have a problem with her empath skills on a moral level (an invasion of other people’s privacy) but from a perspective of it being problematic for her. She rather enjoys hiding her relationship from Terra (and everyone else), because it becomes “our secret.” It doesn’t occur to her to tell Terra, at first, why she wears headphones all the time, until it clearly upsets her—and then she awkwardly admits she wants to be alone with her thoughts and feelings, and that other people often ‘overwhelm her’ emotionally. She does not expressly judge the people around her, but also urges them to get along with each other, to be honest with each other (she reassures Stella that her friends will understand her reasons for being there, and accept her, and besides, she’s tired of cleaning up the messes Stella makes), etc. She will do things for Terra, just to keep the peace, such as agreeing to play her music for them both, instead of hiding in her corner. She also struggles to deal with her feelings—when her boyfriend is injured by a Burned One, Musa runs away from sitting with him as he is dying, because it reminds her too much of feeling her mother’s pain when she died. But then, because he needs her, she comes back to him and takes on his pain. She is direct and to the point, engaged with the world around her, and trusts it on a surface level rather than question it overmuch. Musa likes sneaking around and being intimate with her boyfriend, since it’s a fun and pleasant distraction from everything else that is going on. She will act immediately upon her instincts (knowing Stella is in the room, though invisible, and calling her out on it), but is socially awkward and doesn’t know how to approach her crush.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Musa feels ‘overwhelmed’ by the world, and so tries to minimize it as much as possible through avoidance of it—wearing her headphones. She gravitates to one boy in particular because he gives off such a calm, reassuring vibe that it allows her to focus on just him and forget everything else. She hates conflict and advocates for her roommates to get along and be nice to each other. If her own detachment causes too much trouble, she will retreat from other people or agree to do what they want, just so they won’t be mad at her. Intense feelings, such as those Terra constantly displays, exhaust her. But she is also confident, bold at times, and even confrontational if a situation calls for it. If she does not want to do something, truly, she won’t go along with it, such as when she reveals Stella’s presence to their friends.