Aisha is the most sensible and pragmatic of the students… when Bloom wants to do something foolish or dangerous, Aisha warns her against the potential consequences, not only for her, but everyone else. She tells her not to trust Beatrix, because she has a dubious history, and turns her in to Ms. Dowling when she believes her friends are doing an immoral thing by attempting to free Rosalind. She is doubtful of Beatrix’s motivations and how they are encouraging Bloom to break rules, manipulate people, etc. She does take a position in the office, use the hearing devise she discovered to listen to Ms. Dowling’s private conversations, and her access to files to help Bloom learn more about her parents, but she also has no problem telling her when she’s doing something wrong. If Aisha does not agree with what her friends intend to do, she will simply refuse to go with them, or even work against them – it’s important for her, in that way, to stand on her own moral principles even when it makes the other girls refuse to talk to her. She is cautious, mindful of the rules of the establishment, and keeps a tight, ambitious schedule. She struggles to learn the more abstract methods of magic, but proves quite powerful with repeated practice. She will often say something ‘else is going on here,’ but is never specific about what it is, and instead, searches for the answers through direct movement.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Aisha doesn’t like doing anything dishonest, even for information. She urges the other girls to be more responsible, to think about how their choices are impacting those around them, and not to deceive each other. She is hard-working and responsible enough that Ms. Dowling gives her a position as an office clerk once her clerk goes missing. Aisha shows a lot of 2 traits in how she quickly welcomes Bloom to the house, tries to befriend her, encourages her whenever she is down, asks if she needs to talk about her feelings, and helps her where she can. She does not like to be disliked, but will risk it to stand on a moral principle. She wants to learn to ‘control’ her magic better, and use it for a higher purpose—to protect others.