Terra is the most confrontational of the group—if she has a problem with you, she will march right up to you, pull off your headphones, and spill her feelings about whatever you are doing. She has such ‘loud’ and constant emotions that Musa finds her hard to deal with in close quarters and often buries her ears in headphones just to get away from her vibes. Terra believes in helping the group and humanity in general, and doesn’t like the other girls to be rude, withdrawn, or dismissive of her feelings. She needs encouragement and talks about her feelings for Dane, hoping Musa can share whether Dane feels the same way in return. It crushes her to hear him, on a video, dissing her to impress his friends. She is a fountain of knowledge about plants, school history, and everything else that has ever caught her attention, and can recall them down to the smallest detail. She will often go on about some knowledge she has obtained, and her friends will either tune her out or tell her to skip to the important stuff. Terra will start speculating on things given enough evidence for them, but judges people primarily on their actions. She doesn’t like to be lied to, and is angry at her father when he does so. She also beats him in a logical argument, by pointing out the inconsistencies in what he said, and the only thing he can do is to leave the room.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Terra is an aggressive girl who wants to be liked, who easily gets offended by other people ignoring or slighting her, who is self-conscious and in some ways insecure (mostly about her weight; she does not want to dress in front of other people), and who can quickly slip into 8ish behaviors whenever she is stressed or angry. She confronts people, uses her powers against them in aggressive ways (lashing them to walls with vines and threatening to choke them), yells at them in public, and demands to know the truth. But most of the time, she is simply helpful, eager to share her knowledge, to help her father with his medicines, and wants to assist Bloom in finding out the truth about her family. She will even bake marijuana-laced brownies to impress people with, although her brother laughingly teases her about putting a minimal amount in the brownies themselves. Terra doesn’t like people who act out, who are irresponsible, self-centered, or who lie to her, and she spends a lot of time feeling disapproval for others’ poor moral choices.