Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Stella is determined to be the queen bee at school and make an impression on others through being the “most talented” and best-dressed student present, but she can also be short-sighted and impulsive. She loans Bloom an important family artifact, a ring that can shift her between worlds, without thought that it might get lost, and then freaks out when it’s stolen by a Burned One and insists Bloom get it back for her. Stella breaks the school rules by asking to spend the night in her boyfriend’s room, not caring if it gets her discovered and expelled, in order to avoid her roommates. She clings hard to Sky because it’s the only relationship in her life that makes her feel safe. She fails to live up to her ETJ mother’s high standards of rationality, detachment, and talent at school, which has made her obsessed with getting other people’s approval. Any attention, even if it means taking the credit for intentionally blinding a girl who hit on her boyfriend, instead of being an accident, is good attention in her eyes. But she is also afraid of her roommates’ rejection and condemnation, so she turns invisible in her own room rather than admit to her presence. When Stella sees a way to get back in with Bloom, she offers to help—and is willing to risk her life if necessary to help her defeat the Burned Ones. She reacts most strongly to the others’ attempts to dissuade Bloom from chasing after the truth of her heritage; it hits a sore spot with Stella’s own Fi, which believes no one should stand in the way of gaining self-knowledge. She is highly emotional, fixated on her romantic attraction to a particular boy, and can be ‘burdensome’ in how much she needs others to care about her.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

For Stella, it is all about playing a role and appearances—she has to have others admire and respect and even fear her, or she is not happy with her life. Her mother’s constant pressure for her to make something of herself encourages her to place most of her attention on superficial traits, such as fashion and beauty, when really what she wants and needs is … love. She clings to her boyfriend, because he seems to be the only one who can provide it for her, and who will put up with her less than admirable traits. Stella doesn’t know what she wants or who she is outside of her mother’s ambitions for her, and feels a lot of shame that she hasn’t been able to live up to them. She will be helpful to win people to her side, but can also be wrathful when she feels anyone is moving toward the man she considers as ‘hers.’