Francis eagerly embraces all the adventures the island has to offer, without much concern for his own personal safety, from tossing a bomb off a cliff to make sure it works, to stringing up a “pirate alarm” on that same cliff in case they try and sneak up behind them, to capturing a baby elephant to use as his pet and as labor for the family. He eagerly collects various animals, from an ostrich to a monkey, climbs trees, swings around on ropes, suggests they dig a tiger pit “so the pirates can come along and fall into it” (a rather inhumane idea, but one that works), and causes his more security-minded mother no end of distress due to his wild shenanigans. Francis has a lot of thoughts and opinions on everything and keeps up an almost running monologue, as he reacts to everything that happens in the moment. He can be occasionally sweet and charming, but is more often opportunistic and likes to tease his brothers about their shortcomings.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

He has an optimistic outlook on life, an adventurous spirit that is almost never afraid of anything he encounters (unless it’s a tiger), and is always having “fun.” He will run off and leave his brothers to work while he rigs up a trap for an elephant. They will find him swinging on vines and traipsing all over the island. He even thinks setting up pirate traps is great fun, and makes jokes about how well it’s all going to work. He also has a hot temper, doesn’t like to be told what to do (or that he cannot go with his brothers or do that dangerous thing), and rather a mean sense of humor.