Roberta feels happiest when the men around her are treating her as a woman ought to be treated—with kindness, compassion, and sensitivity to her particular needs. She warms up to anyone who is a gentleman, and while at first she seems to hold both Ernst and Fritz in high esteem, she soon starts using subtle emotional tactics to make one of them jealous. She flirts with both, but wants Fritz. The idea of being wanted, of provoking them into a jealous rivalry over her, is pleasurable—until she sees that it is driving the brothers apart and causing strive among them, something she did not intend and that upsets her. She feels guilt in the aftermath for causing a problem between them, and from then on is more forthcoming in her affections. She tries to convince Fritz it would be nice to travel to London and live a ‘normal life,’ but when she sees he intends to remain on the island, Robert changes her mind and chooses to stay with him. She has had enough positive experiences, and found a true family, that she feels confident she can adapt and live quite happily, even if it’s miles away from civilization, with the man she loves.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Roberta is seeking love. She plays up the role of being a demure, coquettish young lady who needs big, strong men to protect her, knowing it will appeal to Fritz. She shows an interest in Ernst and his literary knowledge. She is charming to Father. And confides easily in Mother. But she also shows the subtle manipulative tendencies of the 2, in how she’s so eager for approval that she deliberately provokes both Ernst and Fritz into quarreling over her. She likes to be paid attention to, to be flattered, and looked after, but her 1 wing also feels guilt that she caused them distress and a falling out. She doesn’t like to think that she came between them, and hurt their family relationship. Roberta is self-punishing in her condemnation of her own actions, and from then onward, she strives to be more honest in her interactions with them.