Father makes decisions from his head, rather than his heart—and his first priority is to get his family safe on land before rescuing the various animals trapped inside the shipwrecked vessel (although he expects the Great Danes to swim to shore, after seeing them struggle and his wife and sons demand they rescue them, he allows them onto their raft, despite his claim that “they will sink us all”). They figure out how to float all the animals ashore and must defend them from the sharks. He builds a skylight into his bedroom ceiling, so his wife can “lie under the stars.” He’s also quite eager to explore the island, set up camp, figure out creative ways to keep them safe, build a tree house and improvise in ways no one has ever seen before, with Ernst to help with some creative ideas. Though he had some qualms about running away from their home on the brink of war, his wife can easily console him into believing they made the right choice. He finds hands-on ways to get involved with his children, from swinging on vines with them to organizing a day of fun that involves racing and other games. The more time Father spends on the island, away from social expectations and humanity, the more he wants to simply live there and not return to civilization, and the more he eagerly says that the “island will provide all that we need,” even a girl! (His wife points out, “ONE girl… we have THREE sons!”). Generally amiable, he doesn’t want his wife upset with him, but also won’t change his mind about Ernst having ‘frivolous’ desires.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Father puts safety first, always. He is cautious and particular, not wanting to take overt risks, and comes up with various ways to keep them safe from the pirates. He doesn’t want his sons to draw undo attention to themselves, to quarrel with each other over a girl, or wander away from the camp. When Fritz talks about saving the animals, Father replies “when your brothers and mother are safe, then we can talk about the rest.” He wants to make sure the boat is secure before they take the animals off it, or risk going into it again. Seeing pirates on the horizon, he runs up the quarantine flag to warn them of the plague, buying them more time to escape. He builds his tree house carefully so that his wife will feel safe and no tigers can get into it. Father likes to keep others in harmony, but also has a sense of adventure and fun. He can be quite silly and eager to participate in ridiculous things, and after ‘working my family too hard,’ comes up with the idea that they should celebrate their first ‘holiday’ on the island.