Harry is often quick to move into action when he sees an opportunity—he knows Peter is fond of MJ, but seeing her without a boyfriend, he takes the opportunity to date her for himself. He tries to save her when she almost falls to her death on the balcony during the Green Goblin’s attack, but is struck unconscious by falling masonry. When he catches Spider-Man laying his father’s lifeless body on the couch, Harry pulls out a gun to confront him. He then takes the situation at face value—what he saw with his own eyes—and turns it into a vendetta against the man who killed his father. Harry funds Doctor Octavius’ work, but sees how it is going wrong and becoming destructive, and demands he shut it down. Once he finds his father’s collection of Green Goblin memorabilia, he practices on the hover board and with the bombs, and ruthlessly takes after Spider-Man. Then, goes after Peter Parker when he learns the truth—realizing it is him after his amnesia clears away, Harry instantly insists MJ break up with him, so that he can rub Peter’s nose in the fact that “the other man… is me.” He acts out of both kindness and consideration for other people’s feelings, being a nice sounding board for both Peter and MJ, and out of angry desperation. He callously cares nothing for how MJ feels about being forced to break Peter’s heart to save his life… but in the end, Harry’s better nature and strong sense of self wins out. He chooses to fight for his friend in his epic confrontation with Sandman and Venom and dies by throwing himself in front of Peter, to take a death-blow intended for him.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Harry wants one thing: his father’s approval and love, and he strives for it even after his father’s death, in his quest to live up to his father’s expectations and “avenge me.” He is hard-working, but also frustrated that he isn’t as naturally gifted in science and technology as Peter. He chooses his projects for work based on what will get them the most positive publicly—and feels anguished after the explosion at Doc Oc’s lab, thinking of how negative the press will be and all the money he “wasted” on a project that went nowhere. Harry will cut corners and take amoral tactics to get what he wants, telling Doc Oc that Peter Parker is the way to “find Spider-Man” (but don’t hurt Peter!). His 2 wing is generous and willing to listen to his friends, desperate for love, and always willing to help—right up to the end. When Peter says “MJ needs us…” Harry shows up. It takes him awhile, but he can’t ignore a cry for help from his “best friends.”