MJ often will sacrifice herself to the moment, whether for the good or ill. She takes the opportunity to thank Spider-Man with an upside-down kiss in a darkened alley after he has saved her life… but she also accepts a proposal from a man she does not love, simply because he asked and it ‘seems right.’ Yet, Mary Jane is never quite sure, and always itching for something else… Peter. That’s what her heart wants, but their timing always seems to be wrong. She cannot understand why he won’t be with her, and he cannot tell her why. MJ likes to be the center of attention and in the spotlight; she enjoys being on a billboard, even though she says it’s also a little embarrassing. She thrives when her audience loves her on the stage. And she is quick-thinking enough to act in her own defense, on the many occasions she is kidnapped by a villain who intends to torture Peter. She tries to assault Doc Ock with a board, and she manages to save herself from being crushed by a falling taxi cab when caught in Venom’s web. Though Peter’s true identity catches her off guard, she admits that “somewhere deep inside… I knew it was you.” MJ tends to lean away from things when she is not sure of them, and “almost-start” relationships with other men. When she has doubts and frustrations about and with Peter, she winds up kissing Harry. When she was originally with Harry, she was longing for Peter… or for Spider-Man. But once she makes up her mind, MJ acts decisively, based on her own feelings and no one else’s. She leaves her groom at the altar and runs to Peter’s apartment. She storms out of a restaurant when Peter is too self-absorbed to listen to her problems (“This isn’t about you, Peter… it’s about me!”). She is easily hurt by criticism and rejection, but also willing to forgive.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

MJ grew up listening to her father tell her she’s worthless, untalented, and will never make anything of herself—so she works hard to become an actress, and is ashamed to admit she’s just waitressing tables or working in a jazz club as a singing waitress. It upsets her when she thinks Peter might have overheard her parents’ nasty argument. She’s insecure and upset when Harry doesn’t stand up to his father about their relationship at Thanksgiving dinner. She tries to ignore bad reviews, but they still chip away at her sense of self-worth, and she falls into a 9ish depression and apathy, gives up on her career, and ‘settles’ for what will pay the rent. Her 4 wing is forever searching for what she does not have, rather than focusing on what she has. When she’s with one man, she pines for another… and the cycle repeats itself, with MJ always moving toward anyone who can offer her love and attention, but she will also hold them at a distance until she senses they no longer want her. Then she moves toward them again.