Function Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Winnie hates the formality of her life and simply wishes to be true to herself—she wants to have the space to discover who she is and not grow up too fast, including abandoning her corset and running wild in the woods. She has a simple desire, to no longer be forced to stay within the confines set by her parents… to venture beyond the garden gate. Rather than tell Jesse how she feels about him, Winnie kisses him. She at first wants to go home to her family, but once she’s aware that she is safe, Winnie becomes absorbed in their lives. She appears to give no real thought to her parents’ distress at her long absence, because she gets lost in being around them. Among them, Winnie soon loses track of time—she is given the space to explore, ask questions, and play that she never received in her stuffy upbringing. She is curious about them, and assumed them to be bank robbers or drifters. Though initially reluctant to believe they found the fountain of youth, Winnie considers carefully whether she wants to join them in eternity. She sits beside the tree, her hand in the water, and thinks both of Jesse and their potential eternity together… and of what his father said, which is it is not a ‘life’ at all, because real life is meant to be lived and it comes to an end. Her experience of watching her grandmother pass and seeing how it makes her life valuable allows Winnie to make a choice for herself—to grow old and die, to make children and leave behind a legacy, rather than chase a dream without end. Because this is life. It’s how it’s supposed to be. You are born, you live, you die. History has proven it (Si).

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Winnie is forever fighting against the outside world and the people who want her to conform to it, but she does so through gentle resistance and occasional angry outbursts. She doesn’t want to wear a corset, but her mother insists—so she does. She doesn’t want to stay inside the garden rather than roam in the woods, but she does—until the day she wanders out into them and meets Jesse. Then he tries to tell her what to do, so she won’t have it. She does, after all, own these woods! She is ‘forcing’ her energy out of her, to confront him. But once she stays the night, and starts spending more time with him, she starts merging into him. His interests become hers. His passions become hers. She confesses that she is ‘losing time’ and doesn’t know how much of it has passed, whether it’s been a day or a month. Jesse has an instant attraction to her, and she starts mirroring and returning his feelings. But once she is away from him, she is more able to make a clear-headed decision about what is best for her.