Functional Order: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

Holly is a romantic idealist dreamer at heart, who is both running away from her past lives and clinging to them, through her idealization of the future she wants for herself and her brother. She misses him so much, she insists on calling her new neighbor (and eventual love interest) Paul, since he reminds him of her brother, with whom she wants to share a ranch in Mexico… if she could only manage to hang onto her money for very long. When her ex-husband comes to town, Holly finds herself falling back into old patterns of behavior with him, but she also refuses to go home, insisting the marriage was annulled. She lives off being a call girl who doesn’t appear to ‘follow through’ on the deal—she will accept $50 for conversation, but then run away when her mark demands sex in exchange for his paying for everything. Though somewhat superficial and shallow, Holly is also oblivious to her sensory environment—she sets a woman’s hat on fire with her cigarette and doesn’t even notice when a man spilling his drink onto the hat puts it out again; she absent-mindedly finds ballet slippers in her almost-empty fridge, she can barely cook a meal without it exploding all over them, and she says there is no point in having a key made for her apartment, since she loses them all anyway. Though sensitive and emotional, Holly only seems to truly care about her brother—his death causes her to fall into a hysterical meltdown. She can be quite a mean drunk, insulting Paul by offering him money for booze and saying he should be used to women paying by now, and throwing her cat into an alley in the rain in a blind rage—only to run back to find him in tears when she realizes what she has done. She’s quite naïve, innocently assuming the ‘weather report’ she is taking from a prisoner in Sing Sing is innocent blather, rather than drug information—which later gets her arrested on a conspiracy charge. Holly knows how to be charming, and mostly uses the hundreds of men who pay for her dinner to buy her beautiful things, rather than becoming emotionally entangled with them.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Holly asks Paul if he ever feels afraid, like she does – where she has a nameless dread come over her (her 6 wing)… but she can always cure it by eating her breakfast in front of the window at Tiffany’s, which is where she runs whenever she feels scared. And Holly runs away a lot, often away from the men who truly care about her, away from all responsibilities, away from being tied down, away from her previous husband and his kids, because she is a “wild thing at heart,” and when you give your heart to a wild thing, she warns him, you get it broken when that wild creature flies or runs away, always to a tree farther away than you can catch them. She’s afraid to commit to Paul, to give away her heart, and to settle down into a normal life, but her 6 wing also feels a strong desire to connect to him and strive for some sort of security. She relies mostly on men to provide for her, since she finds it hard (impossible) to be alone or look after herself… but she also doesn’t want to commit to anyone, not fully, until she fears she’s about to lose Paul. Then, she realizes she cares more than she admitted.