Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Roman sees the immediate potential in people, and uses them according to their skill-set to get things done for him. He also resists making emotional decisions that could compromise him in the long term, such as when he sends his goons in to get his mother out of an assisted living center, only to have her ‘caught’ mere feet from his vehicle. Rather than getting out to help her, or having his driver get out to do it, he remains seated in the car, distraught as he watches her hauled back into that ‘prison,’ because it’s the rational decision to make (he cannot get caught). Most tellingly, he goes up against Marla and almost beats her through murder tactics, only to wind up in a hospital bed under her full control, since she has used the system to gain access to his assets—she goes back to her original offer of five million dollars, and he can have his mother back, too, and he proposes a bigger picture to her: they join forces and make her operation global rather than just a financial boon to herself. Expand it into hospitals, assisted living centers, train their own nursing staff, so that “we control everything.” He sees the big picture and puts aside all personal problems, insisting they can work successfully together to make this ‘caring’ business a global empire. And that’s what they do, once he convinces her that ‘where money goes, trust soon follows.’ For the most part, he remains inert in his own schemes, the ‘brains’ rather than taking direct action, showing his low Se lack of desire to engage with the environment other than in his colossal temper tantrums. But all of his actions stem out of a deep abiding love for and protectiveness toward his mother; you don’t take her away from me, is his mantra, and he goes to great lengths and expense to ensure her freedom and pay back Marla, before he decides to make her a business partner.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Roman uses his bad temper to keep people cowed by him and doing whatever he tells them; he is aware of power dynamics and how to use them, leveraging his lawyers and then his hit men against Marla to force her to give up his father. He makes her a generous offer that includes her survival, then laughs at her notion that she can milk five million dollars out of him. But he also lets bygones be bygones when money gets involved and decides to use her scam method to make them both into billionaires. He has a relentless temper and is known for throwing things at people, screaming at them, and threatening to kill them, but he also has a playful side that isn’t above opportunism or shoving personal feelings aside for a greater gain.