Susan is highly emotional and easily insulted, but also adamant that her decisions do not need others to agree with them for them to be right; where her friends would happily cover up a murder for the greater collective good; that violates Susan’s conscience. While she cannot turn herself in, she does everything she can think of atone for her mistakes, and to punish herself for her role in what happened, even going so far as to seek out the man’s family and make things right in small ways. She focuses excessively on her relationships and on her need to not be alone, but often clumsily handles situations in which she has to compete with Edie for Mike’s attention. Susan can become self-absorbed in her problems, focusing on them and needing to talk about her problems, while ignoring or being oblivious to her friends’ various crisis’ right across the street. No sooner does she meet Mike, than does she start fantasizing about their future together… but she flip-flops between liking him, then wanting to stay away from him, thinking he is guilty of a crime, and wanting him to be innocent… she sneaks into his house to find evidence against him and winds up falling through his half-finished bathroom floor, forcing a confrontation between them about the money she moved to his bathroom sink. She and her daughter speculate on what is happening on the street. She alone has a strong belief that something is ‘going on’ and that their neighbor did not just kill herself without a strong reason. She trusts her hunches and follows them all, for good or ill, sometimes being right, and sometimes being very wrong. Susan can occasionally become blunt under pressure, pushing people away and laying down hard ‘rules’ about her house, but most of the time, her need to be a good person overrides it (causing her to even go along with Edie to scatter a neighbor’s ashes that she hated, because it’s the nice / right thing to do).

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

It does not take much to make Susan suspicious or paranoid, even when she’s simultaneously trying to be hopeful for the future. She at first has all these wonderful ideas about falling in love with Mike, and then weird little things about him start her to wondering if he’s hiding things or is a criminal or is an assassin or… Susan lets her imagination run away with her, leaping to wrongful conclusions, and seeing danger around every corner. Then her 7 wing kicks in and she assumes she made a mistake, that everything is fine, and she intends to be happy. She is responsible but scatterbrained, considerate of her friends but also somewhat flighty. She wonders if going on a date with Mike could get her killed, but still does it (because he’s cute!).