Darcy is full of theories and ideas, who immediately starts to understand what Wanda is doing through her ‘show,’ and is interested in discussing it from different angles, probing old episodes for more information, and theorizing with her friends about whether Wanda is fully aware of what she is doing or not. She isn’t sold on one theory, but will re-interpret the situation given more evidence (more episodes) and interaction with Wanda’s expanding powers. She tries to probe the situation and find out what is going on, since she wants to understand just as much as she wants to help resolve the issue of the town ‘stuck in’ a false reality. Darcy has a quirky and often offbeat way of stating her opinions, making offhanded logical-emotional judgments such as asking for coffee out of one of those K-cups that is “destroying the environment.” She can be charming and witty, without really caring that much about people’s feelings or catering to their needs. And she hates the ‘boring’ stuff like attending a meeting—so she simply up and disappears once it’s no longer fun.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Darcy is all about having fun and keeping things light and entertaining among her companions. She has a wisecrack for everything, even when she isn’t sure about the situation and how it might wind up (good or bad? Who knows?), but she also has a somewhat cautious side, which doesn’t want to provoke Wanda into extreme behavior. She ranges from being a class clown in the bureau to having serious discussions with Vision about what his wife is going through, and what he can do to help her. She even makes offhanded remarks about being left behind and forced to wait around in the false reality. And if it’s boring, she’s not interested and will blow it off, even if it’s part of her job.