Monica is highly hands-on and engaged; when she arrives to learn more about what’s happening in the town, she physically goes out there and flies a drone into town to get a visual read on what’s happening inside the magical barrier. She then tests the barrier, and gets sucked through it into a pocket reality, where she quickly befriends Wanda and proves helpful to her throughout her ordeal, even assisting her in the birth of her two children. Once kicked out of the barrier by Wanda, once Wanda realizes she came there for a ‘nefarious reason,’ Monica is determined to make more attempts to go through the barrier herself. She tests her own outfit from inside the barrier by firing bullets at it, in the belief it’s impenetrable (it is). She tries to drive an army truck through it and almost turns it upside-down in her refusal to leave off her goal, even though it clearly isn’t working how she had planned; somewhat recklessly, she then chooses to go through the barrier herself, without any protection, in the full knowledge that having gone through before has altered her physical DNA, making it dangerous. Monica also has a strong sense of moral fiber and is the only person to really argue Wanda’s side of things. She says she could feel her hurt, anger, and pain, and reasons that she may not be doing this for evil purposes, and might not have bad intentions—they should give her a chance to redeem herself. Her desperate desire to save Wanda causes her to take risks on her behalf. She also uses logical reasoning strongly, as she figures out what is going on, factors the danger involved, reaches solid conclusions, and takes action on them. She trusts her own intuition, and shows flits of insight, but chooses direct action more than Darcy-level speculation, often preferring to do something instead of just talk about it.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Monica has a duel relationship with authority; she will trust it and allow herself to be obedient to her superiors… and then she will turn around and defy them by doing whatever she wants to do. She will take precautions to keep herself safe … and then recklessly rush through the barrier, pushing her body to the limits and risking disintegrating (and getting powers in the process). She doesn’t hold grudges, and instead sees things rationally and objectively much of the time—arguing that Wanda meant nothing bad by her actions, so she gets a pass on them. She can be intense and focused, or bubbly and funny and enthusiastic, and as a child, she was interested in many things and now… she is headed off to space, showing her willingness to take risks.