Vision starts picking things apart logically almost from the start, as he gets a sense that not all is ‘right’ in the world he is in, but he does so from a place of logical detachment and assumptions about how a human being would act—rather than a sense of intrinsic understanding about how to be emotionally-driven. He asks constant questions, even uncomfortable ones that his wife does not want to deal with, and strikes out on his own on several occasions to figure out what is going on—in one instance, attempting to break through her barrier into the real world and almost disintegrating in the process, since he isn’t ‘real’ outside her created illusionary world. He even approaches his other self on a rational, detached level by inviting him to contemplate an abstract problem rather than fighting him — he asks him to consider if a ship once dismantled is still the same ship, expecting him to reach the same conclusion he has, that you cannot call something comprised of entirely new data the same thing as the old one. He does not even mind his own approaching non-existence, since he reasons that he appeared as several different things in the past, and that means he cannot wait to see what form he takes going forward. He seems to figure out things while they are happening to him, speculating that Wanda is attempting to prevent him from going home and questioning her about what is going on without proof, wondering about what it is they do exactly at work and what they accomplish through it (no one seems to know what the paperwork is for, which leads him to assume accurately that it’s a fabricated reality in which Wanda hasn’t dealt with all the details). He also is cautious and wants to make sure they get all the details right for his boss’ visit, often offering his assistance in the kitchen and around the house, and in the process, gathering more information which leads him to start forming conclusions about what is going on, how his wife is somehow ‘controlling people,’ and even trusting Agnes too much, when she manipulates him into trying to test the boundaries. Vision occasionally becomes emotionally stirred up, especially at the idea that Wanda is holding people against their will, and is able to ‘control him’ (he asserts that she cannot, and she takes that as a challenge to do so). After Wanda loses her brother, Vision attempts to awkwardly comfort her, but he lacks the emotional capacity to do so, and instead they just sit together in a peaceful silence.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Vision is mild-mannered and good-natured, with a pleasant and accommodating disposition that often readily agrees to whatever his wife wants. He can become stressed when things are going wrong and fearful for the welfare of his job and his family, but is also calm in most situations and somewhat over-adjusted. He doesn’t like conflict and will attempt to diffuse it, but also does not like to be controlled—eventually, frustration with being lied to and deceived drives him to attempt to find out what’s in the outside world. He also reacts from a place of moral indignation over the idea that Wanda is doing something bad and wrong (trapping people inside a false reality), just to keep him alive.