Function Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

Wanda makes ethical judgments all the time, but the biggest one is what spurred her to create the false reality in the first place. She wanted to grieve and mourn for Vision, and found him being dissected inside a lab—a place where no one was respecting him as a person, but were treating him as a robot. She loved him, he had human emotions and a distinct personality, so she sees him as fully human and worthy of basic rights. It’s unfathomable to her that they wouldn’t bury him as a person, even though he’s worth millions of dollars of ‘scrap metal.’ Her pain and outrage caused her to ‘create’ a reality in which they can both live together, happy isolated from the outside world and protected by a version of events that make her feel safe and happy. She has decided how things are ‘going to be’ according to herself, and is wrapped up in herself, in how she is mainly thinking about keeping the person she loves alive without bothering too much about how she is controlling and trapping other people within her own private reality. Wanda is also continually re-creating reality, base on all her memories and nostalgia for the television shows she watched as a child with her family. She thinks being inside them can recreate the same feelings she had—and she has no real life ‘family experiences’ to compare them to, so she has crafted an intuitive world around fantasies of idyllic life in the suburbs. She progressively moves them through the decades in a feat of ‘growing older,’ but none of it is real. Wanda will allow people into her reality if they will play along with her game, but when they do not, she switches into inferior Te and ‘ejects them’ from it. She can become quite cold, callous, and ruthless whenever she falls into these low-grade aggressive behaviors.

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/sp

Wanda wants above all to be calm, quiet, and have an undisturbed life. She has created a happy and playful world that minimizes conflict and threats, she cheerfully deals with the people inside it, and doesn’t like disturbances to her inner peace… which brings out her 8 wing. Wanda thinks ‘controlling’ the situation and other people will give her the calm, peaceful life she wants, so she removes their ability to think and act for themselves, on an unconscious level. She frequently conflicts with her husband on this issue, showing aggression toward him when he won’t conform (when he demands to know if she intends to control him, she asks if he thinks she can’t), only to lapse back into pleasantness and wanting them to be in harmony. When someone disrupts her fantasy, Wanda becomes confrontational—she violently evicts Monica out of her reality, she barges into the outer world to throw a crumpled piece of equipment at their feet, and threatens them unless they leave her alone.