Headstone has worked hard to obtain a position as a teacher, and is interested in bringing higher education to the masses. He sees Charlie’s potential at once and attempts to cultivate it, but his true interest is peaked by Charlie’s sister, Lizzie. He quickly starts incorporating her into his future life, imagining that he can improve her situation and status through an education and offering himself as a teacher. He hastens to reveal his feelings and becomes easily offended when she confesses that she fears and dislikes him, because of his violent temper. Headstone immediately, upon seeing Eugene roaming around London, assumes he and Lizzie must be an item, without any proof, but his assumption is not wrong—that’s exactly what Eugene has in mind. He develops an obsessive fixation on Eugene, that causes him to follow him day and night. Headstone must have it in the back of his head that he intends to kill his rival and blame the crime on a river rat, because he dresses in the exact same clothes as the much-hated man, right down to his red necktie. Headstone struggles between his need for others to see and admire him and accept him, his own self worth, and his tendency to blurt out his feelings without provocation. He is easily roused into anger, talks about his feelings and frustrations to others, and doesn’t know how to control his temper. The idea that others do not see him as a gentleman, or would ignore him after he has worked so hard to earn respect as a professional man, grates on him until he cannot stand it anymore. Under stress, Headstone becomes impulsive, violent, and reactive, risking his job and position by roaming about the countryside, beating up Eugene and leaving him for dead, and then thinking about how he can get rid of the man who knows the truth about him. He even predicts the manner of his own death, when he looks down in the lock and says a man could hurt himself falling down that; no way out.

Enneagram: cp6w5 sx/so

Headstone is neurotic, insecure, and paranoid. He assumes people have negative intentions toward them, and his suspicious and reactive behavior only compound the problem in their eyes. Any time anyone questions his authority, demeans him, or belittles him, he becomes defensive and reactive, exposing his emotions to ridicule. Eugene in particular knows how to push his buttons and ‘torment him,’ and does so with regularity, since he knows Headstone will just overreact. As a deeply unhealthy man, Headstone is unable to control these violent overreactions. He becomes physically aggressive, he gets so angry he bursts a blood vessel in the back of his throat, and he reacts in anger and retaliation, but then becomes worried about the consequences. An adversary turning up with evidence against him causes him to quake in terror. Headstone often turns to other people for comfort, or a discussion, or reassurance, showing his tendency to need others. He is also somewhat proud of his accomplishments, and prides himself on being an expert schoolmaster.