Lizzie goes off what she ‘foresees’ in the fire; she sees that her brother must leave home and gain an education to become a fine gentleman, and also that this will eventually divide them and cause him to walk away from her, but she still urges him to follow her intuition and go to school. She insists the allegations against her father are false, despite any evidence to the contrary, and she is correct. She also senses that the right woman (herself) could turn Eugene into a better man, which is also the case. She immediately gets a bad feeling around Bradley Headstone and does not like him at all; she confesses that she scours the newspapers, dreading some news from London that he has done a ‘terrible thing’ – and her premonition comes true when he beats up Eugene, dumps him in the river, and leaves him for dead. Her insights into people are quite firm; she knows who to trust, and who to avoid, and under stress, she immediately removes herself from potentially dangerous situations (by running away from London and hiding in the country). Lizzie constantly puts aside her own wishes and needs and feelings to accommodate other people, and tries to do what is best for all of them. She doesn’t want an education, since she knows and fears it might cause her father to pull away from her, from thinking she is setting herself up as ‘higher’ than him. Lizzie is also highly aware of the social gap between herself and Eugene, and dares not allow herself to imagine a relationship between them, because the gulf is so wide. She tenderly gives out assistance wherever it is needed, often taking people under her wing and caring for them.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Lizzie cannot help helping other people, and also feels a sense of being overwhelmed and even ashamed by male attentions. She doesn’t think she is good enough for Eugene, because she is from a different social class. She spends all of her time taking care of her father and brother and sacrificing for them both—giving what little money she has earned to her brother and sending him away to school, so that he can have a better life off the river. Lizzie winds up taking care of, and cradling an old woman in her arms as she dies—a complete stranger to her. She also nurses Eugene back to health, tenderly sitting by his bedside and tending his wounds. But she is also decided in her opinions, and not afraid to tell Bradley Headstone to leave her alone (though she tries to be polite). She asks Eugene to leave her alone as well. She winds up living with and serving Jenny Wren, often rocking her to sleep and brushing her hair. Her 1 wing is principled, and does not want to do wicked things. She strives to be virtuous and make selfless decisions, but she also has decided opinions about how others should live and behave (like gentlemen).