Captain Hook is always looking for a situation to exploit to his advantage, in his desperate lower Ni desire to find and kill the boy who humiliated him, threw his hand to a crocodile, and caused that same creature to hunt after him endlessly in search of ‘the rest of me.’ Hook takes every advantage that he can find, including firing at Peter, Wendy and the children in the clouds, deciding to kidnap Tiger Lily and force her (through threatening to drown her) to reveal the secret hideaway, to immediately leaping at the chance to capture Tinker Bell and persuade her into revealing the whereabouts of the Lost Boys. He stays that women are ‘easy to manipulate,’ because of their emotions—and he convinces her that he agrees that Wendy is the problem here, that Peter would love Tink once more with her out of the picture, and that the pirates can solve her romantic problems by taking her away with them… in exchange for knowing where Peter’s secret home is. He then turns around and betrays her, locking her up in a lantern and attempting to blow up his rival (since he promised not to lay a finger or a hook on Peter; she said nothing about a bomb). Hook uses his tert-Fe to be persuasive and charming, but also to constantly vent his own frustrations and feelings. He often uses Smee as a sounding board for his feelings, without being aware of anyone else’s problems or needs, and he hates being humiliated, targeted, or shown to be a fool.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Hook is always teetering on the edge of a violent outburst; he treats his crew like scum and demands they all bow to his authority. If he gets sick of listening to one of them play music, he shoots him and lets him fall into the sea. Hook threatens to drown a little girl unless she betrays Peter, and throws a tantrum when Smee appears to be disobeying his direct orders. He’s a caricature of an 8, interested in power dynamics, but always angry and uncontrolled. He has a playful and creative side, a wicked sense of humor, and no interest in keeping the peace for its own sake.