Peter is an opportunist who does things on the fly; the instant he hears Wendy will leave the nursery for her own room to ‘grow up,’ meaning she will tell no more fantastic, flattering stories about him, he impulsively decides to take her to Never Land. When she refuses to leave without her siblings, he agrees to take them along, then sends them down to the island following Tinker Bell while he distracts Captain Hook by drawing pirate cannon fire (and mocking them). He notices Tiger Lily being kidnapped and rushes off to save her, but then gets so caught up in manipulating and playing with Hook, he almost lets her drown. He judges things on the surface level, and is often inconsiderate of other people’s feelings, not recognizing the danger in sending Wendy with Tink, or in sending away the faerie who is desperately in love with him (and jealous of Wendy’s affections). Peter takes Wendy to see the mermaids, then laughs off her almost being drowned by them because all of them resented her presence as his guest. He looks for advantages to exploit, such as promising Hook he will not fly, and then wrapping up his adversary in a pirate flag. He can be somewhat callous and immoral, threatening to kick Hook’s hook off the edge of a rock formation so that he will fall and get eaten by a crocodile. Peter is egocentric and loves to hear stories about himself and his courageous exploits; he flatters and appeals to all the pretty girls he meets, not realizing how they will come to resent each other; he likes to manipulate and mess with Smee, pretending to be Hook and giving him orders contrary to what his Captain did, prolonging the moment rather than simply dispatching his rival or rescuing Tiger Lily. Peter fails to see through Hook’s trap, almost getting blown up in the process, just as he underestimates how much he cares about Tink until the threat of losing her forces him to confess his feelings.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Peter embodies the spirit of eternal youth. He does not want to grow up, or for anyone else to grow up, but to remain young, playful, and funny forever. He has a good sense of humor and a big ego; a desire to be good natured but also dips occasionally into aggressive behaviors, where he commands people to obey him or challenges Hook. Peter doesn’t like to linger too long in unpleasantness, so he will brush things aside and try to return the situation to one of fun – when Wendy threatens to throw a shell at the mermaids who are trying to drown her, Peter laughs it off and asks her to get a sense of humor; he devalues the danger of the situation and insists they were ‘just having fun.’ His 8 wing comes out around Hook, where he constantly battles for supremacy and for the upper hand, and engages in some harsh tactics to beat him, including threatening to feed him to a crocodile and demanding he admit he’s a codfish.