Wendy has a very specific, culturally appropriate notion of what a ‘mother’ is – someone who loves and cares for you, looks after you and provides for your welfare, who sings to you and tucks you into bed. She spends most of her time looking after her younger brothers, telling them fantastical stories, mothering the Lost Boys, and asserting her feelings and opinions. Wendy believes on being appropriate, so she will often do (within reason) things that people ask her to do, just to fit into the culture, such as when she is told to ‘get firewood’ rather than engage herself in a war dance. She has a ‘we’ mindset, and doesn’t think of herself as a separate person from her brothers—instead of “I am going to Never Land,” it is “we are going to Never Land.” How she gets them to behave is by asking them, “What would mother say?” Wendy is quite eager to meet the mermaids, but is soon appalled by their behaviors (she isn’t “dressed for swimming” and doesn’t like their attempts to drown her) and threatens to hurt them if they dare to throw water at her one more time. She is home-focused, attending to the immediate sensory needs of her loved ones (bringing them food, tucking them into bed, singing to them, and wanting to go home where they all belong), but her lower Ne loves to tell stories and imagine different worlds. She is excited to go to a new place, and to meet new people, but also believes in giving them second chances; even after Tinker Bell attempts to kill her, Wendy begs Peter to only banish her for a short time).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Wendy devotes herself to looking after other people; she helps Nana at home, taking care of her brothers, and acting like a mother to them. She adopts the same mentality toward the Lost Boys, and feels happiest when she can be an important part of their lives. Wendy can be somewhat image-focused, chattering away while she sews on Peter’s shadow, and then feeling offended when Tinker Bell calls her a big, ugly, stupid girl. She admires her own reflection when flying across the Thames. She emotionally reacts to things, and falls into angry behaviors under stress, such as when she threatens to throw a heavy seashell at the mermaids, and flounces away from the natives after refusing to get more wood for the fire. Wendy’s 1 wing focuses on being proper and insisting people do things right; she doesn’t believe in harsh punishment, but she will urge her brothers to wipe off their war paint and get into bed on time. She doesn’t mind serving others, but also secretly wants to be important to them; she doesn’t like how Peter flirts with every woman he meets, when she thought she was important to him.