Aunt Bee is quite aware of the dynamics between individual people; she shows up in the quiet little town of Mayberry to help Andy out, after his housekeeper has gotten married and moved away. Opie, his son, does not initially accept her, which hurts her feelings, but she tries repeated ways of earning his favor, including baking his favorite foods and allowing him to explain to her that she needs to know how to fish. She almost returns home, out of a belief that Opie does not want her there, but then settles into a regular routine of care for her nephew and his child. Aunt Bee quickly sees the potential between Andy and the new pharmacist, and urges Andy to make the most of the young woman’s good-humored personality. She also chastises him when he makes a fool out of himself in public. She tries to behave appropriately at all times, and make sure Opie is being ‘raised right.’ Aunt Bee has an expectations of how things should be, and works toward that, but doesn’t have much tolerance for ‘nonsense’ and finds Andy’s hypothetical explanations rather silly.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Aunt Bee wants to be useful around the house, and to receive appreciation and love for her service. She is easily offended and sometimes hurt when others don’t appreciate what she does for them. She can be something of a matchmaker, attempting to push two people together, and quite opinionated. She often turns up at the jail to bring Andy some lunch, and brings along some for Barney as well, urging him to ‘eat up’ and not go home hungry. Sharing her food is of the utmost importance to her, and how she shows people that she cares, but she also wants to be proper and raise a ‘good boy,’ so she does her best to urge Opie to behave himself in public and make good choices.