Function Order: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

Barney has a lot of hair-brained schemes and notions, and often makes up the biggest, most incredible scenarios as justifications for his behavior. When Andy tries to swindle him into not going to a dance with a pretty girl (so Andy can take her), he talks about the need to hire a temporary deputy for the day to watch out for pickpockets. Barney doesn’t like the sound of that, and in ten seconds flat, the possibility of a pickpocket has become a ‘gang of outlaws’ that he refuses to let anyone else take the credit for capturing, because HE is the deputy here and won’t be cheated out of a big collar like that! Barney is easily swindled and duped, because he is so trusting and gullible. He often rushes into situations without fact-checking them first, winding up pulling his gun on innocent bystanders and his boss. Barney often over-estimates his own ability to remember things, such as when he boasts that he has memorized the entire rule book and asks Andy to test him on it. Andy asks what the first sentence is, and Barney pulls a total blank. He then asks for the first word. After five agonizing minutes of having no clue what he just read ten minutes ago, Barney still boasts that he knows his stuff. Other evidence of his inferior Si is his general incompetence in the sensory world (trying to get out of a police car half-blocked by being parked too close to a mailbox, or locking himself and/or his boss in the jail cells with the keys just out of reach, or walking into traffic whenever he’s upset). Though eager for approval and somewhat arrogant, Barney also has a lower Te tendency to insist on living by ‘the rules.’ He’s much harder than his boss in arresting people for minor infractions, because the rule book says it’s a must. This means he sometimes locks up everyone in town while spouting off penal codes. They often argue about this, and about his use of ‘excessive force.’ Barney will just point to the rule book, and insist it’s what they should do, because it’s written right there.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Barney wants to be useful and is highly sensitive toward anyone inferring that he isn’t. He threatens to quit his job after he sees graffiti behind the bank mocking his ineptitude as a deputy, since he has ‘nothing to do’ all day in Mayberry except march around writing people tickets for parking in front of fire plugs. He is forever asking Andy if there is anything more he can do around the station, and he inflates up with self-importance whenever anyone praises him, his work, or gives him an “important task” to do. When Andy threatens to hire another temporary deputy to direct traffic, Barney is so desperate to fill the position and maintain his credibility, he turns down a date with a pretty girl just to rush out there and get “all the glory” of directing traffic (and possibly busting up a gang of bank robbers in the process!). He can be arrogant and confident he ‘knows everything’ about everything, but it’s all to cover up his deeper insecurities about being incompetent. He desperately wants Andy’s approval and works hard to get it, but the minute he thinks he’s about to lose anything, he becomes angry, defensive, and posturing, insisting he be given his due.