Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

“I’m distracting myself, because if I don’t fill my brain with useless information, I start crying. Okay?”

– Maura Isles

Maura has incredible capacity to remember details not only from previous civilizations but her own life experiences. She will often rattle off knowledge like an encyclopedia, only to have Jane urge her to get to the point, since that information is superfluous to the crime scene. She does not like to be rushed in gathering evidence, and has a strong resistance toward ‘lying’ or ‘leaping to conclusions.’ She refuses to hypothesize on motivations or conclusions until she has tangible proof, showing her tendency to work from many details toward the big picture. She is also rather inflexible when it comes to adaptation, outside her level of comfort – in one episode, when people keep dropping dead at the Boston Marathon, Maura insists she needs to take the bodies back to her lab for a proper examination. Jane must continually remind her that there’s no way this can happen, they want to avoid a panic or publicity, and that she needs to adapt and do autopsies right there in a service tent. Maura does reluctantly adapt, but complains the entire time. She is quite respectful of ‘how things are done,’ and doesn’t want to tread on any toes when investigating a murder in a high-profile family. Maura falls back into a flirtatious relationship with one of the sons, only to get blindsided by his guilt, because she rarely looks beneath the surface of things. She cares very much about appearances, because she personalizes everything—she is interested in people, and their “art” – so a beautiful shoe in her mind is a piece of artwork. She is logical, factual, rattles off impersonal information easily, and doesn’t know how to connect on a romantic level—she is too busy diagnosing her date’s undiscovered medical issues. When she starts to cry in one episode, she admits that she can’t help it, and uses the scientific term for how her tears are being produced, rather than admitting she’s upset at the idea of Jane not wanting to run in the marathon with her. Maura cares deeply about other people, but also is oblivious to their feelings. She can be robotic, but also sweet. She admits that people used to scare her and call her mean names, and it took her awhile to want to connect to any of them.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Maura is fussy about her appearance, her environment, and her work station. The mere idea of lying makes her twitch; she says she lied once as a teenager and it upset her so much, she passed out. She will argue with Jane about leaping to unfounded conclusions prematurely, and refuse to compromise her integrity even for a crime scene’s preservation, in her desire to do things properly and “by the book.” She can be straightforward and work her way around being deceitful, such as when Jane tells her to get rid of a boy who is a pest, and Maura does not want to be insulting, so she lets him assume Jane is a lesbian. She doesn’t want to put “butch” on her friend’s date bait page, so she goes for “sporty” instead. Maura tries to be helpful, offering to dress Jane up for special events, inviting her along to various things, and getting emotionally involved in her problems (in as much as she can).