Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

“You failed your shooting test on purpose! Either that or you’re going blind, which from the way you’re staring at her ass, I can see is not the case.”

– Jane Rizzoli

Jane figures out things by doing them, and unlike her more sensitive new partner, she isn’t ‘squicked out’ by crime scenes. She prefers to logically reason her way through the why and circumstances of a case, rather than become too emotionally involved. When a criminal demands to know personal details (does she dream about him?) in order to fulfill his sick fantasies about hurting her, in exchange for valuable information she could use to solve the case, Jane gives him what he wants. She keeps a clear head when she is kidnapped, and manages to save her own life by laying on a flare, using it to burn a rapist-murder’s face, tazoring him, and shooting his accomplice. She tells Maura to ‘get to the point’ when she’s going on about extraneous details, since Jane just wants to get to the heart of the matter and not waste time on what she sees as useless information. She was a tough-talking, street-wise kid who played hockey, who likes to get rough with her brother on the basketball court, and who dreamed of getting married on a baseball diamond. Jane observes the environment and uses it, whenever she is in a pinch—she improvises with whatever is at hand, often saving her life and that of her friend in the process (example—when a corrupt cop holds her best friend hostage in the morgue, Jane snatches up a baseball bat laying in the corner and beats the crap out of him; she shoots a rapist in the hand rather than in the head; she uses her cop shield to keep men away from hitting on her, etc). Jane often has a sense of what is going on, or that some guy isn’t trustworthy, or that there is more to this than first appears, but she calls it ‘trusting my gut’ and ‘it’s just a hunch’ and looks for evidence to support it. Jane forms a lot of low Fe impressions about people, assuming men are all the same-either intimidated by her status as a cop, or turned on by it. She doesn’t want a normal life, and can be quarrelsome and argumentative with her mother… yet she also goes out of her way to please and appease her, within reason, just to keep the peace at home (agreeing to buy and wear a dress if her mother insists on it; but she draws the line at her mother’s attempts to marry her off to her boss). She can be whiny and reactive under stress, lashing out at people and accusing them of not treating her right (why is it her fault that her brother wants to be a cop?).

Enneagram: cp6w7 sp/so

Jane puts on a tough-talking, street-wise persona, but deep down she admits at times that she is “more terrified than I’ve ever been in my life.” She can be aggressive and combative toward other people, but actually is something of a pushover in her personal life. She is focused on her family (her brother and her parents) and feels insulted to be left out of things (she wonders why her dad never wanted him to inherit the family business, even though she had no interest in plumbing). If Jane feels scared of something, she often runs right toward it, putting on a lot of bravado when talking to perps and hiding behind her shield. It helps her avoid becoming romantically involved with people, by keeping them away from her. But she can be loyal toward Maura, and willing to compromise for her mother’s sake, even pushing other people a little too far in terms of ‘payback’ (she insists the man who sold her mother a lemon of a car takes it back, and installs a new carburetor inside her mother’s original car, plus a few other perks). She doesn’t like to face her problems, admit to her negative feelings, or linger too long with her guilt.