Sylvia feels stifled in her boring life of being protected by a security detail all the time, and only truly comes to life when Will kidnaps her and takes her on the run. Though terrified of losing time and having only a few hours left, she also comes alive through dangerous experiences in which she must ‘act’ to make things happen. At first, she is rather self-centered in that she doesn’t understand how Will can keep giving away his precious time, where she would keep it for herself, and prioritize herself above a total stranger; but she also realizes how immoral her father’s business practices are, and willingly engages in robbery against his time banks to spread around extra minutes. When Will tells her it’s hopeless, she urges him to help her break into her father’s vault and steal a “million years.” Though somewhat hesitant to leap out of windows and throw herself off rooftops, Sylvia also adapts easily to life on the run and loves gaining new sensory experiences. She goes for a nude swim with Will at her father’s banquet dinner, something she has never done before; they play strip poker in their hotel room. She quickly becomes physically involved with him, and even asks him to take what time she has left and save himself. They continue their life of “crime,” presumably indefinitely.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

Sylvia feels torn between her fear and her desire not to live an unlived life. She says she wishes she could do more, and experience things, but fear holds her back – Will is able to coax her into taking chances and having experiences, and then she becomes more alive. But she always has one foot out the door, is watching for threats around every corner, and quickly attaches to him as her protector. She initially feels distrust for him, but after he protects her a few times, she becomes more trusting of him and even thrives under intense situations. She often fires a gun without being careful, sometimes striking Time Keepers (“I only meant to scare him, not shoot him!” “I meant to do that…”). Sylvia likes her life of being on the run and living minute to minute so much she chooses not to return to her pampered and safe lifestyle at home.