Elise likes David the most during his campaign when he is brutally honest, and not being “fake” for the cameras. Her conversation with him in the bathroom prompts him to go out and give his speech in a more direct and honest way, which gains him a lot of approval from the public. She has a way of avoiding his questions (“do I look like someone who votes?) while acting in the moment on what she wants—she has known him for five minutes and still kisses him passionately in the bathroom, since she has a feeling they belong together. She is still single three years later, because she is waiting for him to call her back, even though he never did. Elise chooses to trust him and run away with him from the Bureau, even though it makes no sense, because she just feels they belong together. The first time they meet, she’s hiding out in the men’s bathroom after crashing a wedding and stealing off with some champagne. She says it was a dare to herself. She then kisses him out of the blue. On the bus, she teases him about needing to spill coffee on him to even the odds, after he makes a remark about her “short, short skirt.” Elise is a dancer and devotes all her free time to her craft; under stress, she heads for the gym because she feels like she needs to be in movement, in action, to help her body and herself feel right. When she passes through doorways into different parts of the city, she cannot believe what she is seeing—but then accepts it, and sticks with him, in the belief that them being together can change their fate.

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/sp

Elise is a charming and witty girl with a great sense of humor, who teases David the first time she meets him—flirting with him in the bathroom while being self-deprecating and fun-loving. She is hiding out from hotel security after she crashed someone’s wedding and made off with their champagne. She didn’t want to bother him while he was talking to himself, since he seemed “pretty into it.” She repeats her charming routine on the bus once they meet again, teasing him, complaining about how loud his phone is, and even throwing it into his coffee. Three years later, she is still waiting around for him, though she’s also a bit miffed that he never called her, and skeptical of him losing her phone. She is playful, adventurous, and willing to take risks, but also cannot believe the strange things happening in her life, and treats some of his crazy explanations with skepticism and disbelief.