Blackbeard is somewhat of an impulsive showman of a pirate. He has traveled many times to the human world, to purchase orphans off the local orphanages, so that he can have ‘free’ slave labor for his mines. His ship dodges spitfires in WWII London and makes daring raids, kidnapping Peter in the process among his companions. Once Peter arrives in Neverland, Blackbeard welcomes all the new ‘lost boys’ by introducing them to the rules of the mines: they work, they get praise, food, treats, and holidays. They slack off or they don’t share or they otherwise annoy him, they walk the plank and plunge to their deaths. He takes particular sadistic glee in punishing wrongdoers and bouncing them to their end, but also encourages the kids to work toward ‘our’ greater good, and for the betterment of ‘our family’ (Fe dialogue). In truth, Blackbeard is just mining faerie dust to keep himself looking youthful. He has been impulsive and reactive in the past, such as when he killed Peter’s mother for her betrayal and involvement with the faeries, despite loving her and feeling upset that she has left him. Blackbeard makes attempts to sway Peter to his side, but also threatens the faerie kingdom and his friends to manipulate him into action. He lives with a persistent lower Ni fear of the future, and his death at the hands of a ‘chosen one’ intended to defeat him, and risks his entire operation to hunt down and kill Peter.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Blackbeard is playful, energetic, and refuses to take any responsibility for his selfish actions. He is really mining pixie dust because its magical properties keep him looking young and attractive, rather than the ancient pirate that he is. He is about being flashy, but also has a callous nature. He insists that his orphans believe they are about to have a good time, and rewards them with fun activities for services rendered… but if you cross him, he can become ruthless, domineering, and unapologetic in his pursuit of what he wants. Blackbeard killed the woman he loved, because she dared to fall in love with someone else. He has strip-mined Neverland and relentlessly pursues power. He uses whatever advantages he has, to keep the ‘savages’ at bay who live on the island, and engages in power plays against Peter, Tiger Lily, the faeries, and even Smee. Yet, he covers all of this up with theatrical behavior and flamboyant showmanship.