Peter’s main objective in life is to learn what happened to his mother, and to make sense of his life through discerning who he is—this is a typical “introverted feeling” journey—he must know who his parents are, and where they came from, in order to fully feel at home in the world. He persists in believing that his mother will return for him, despite all evidence to the contrary, and refuses to run away from the orphanage, believing his mother won’t know where to find him if and when she returns. He always trusts his feelings when it comes to making decisions about his parents, and only ‘comes into his own’ when he realizes where he belongs—among the faeries, since his father was one of them. He can be somewhat gullible and easily believe other people, such as when the natives convince him that they will take him to his mother and that she has survived, only for him to discover Blackbeard killed her. But he always has a sense of awareness about his mother, he knows that she left him at the orphanage for a reason out of her control, and external evidence, such as her letter to him, only serves to prove it. Peter is somewhat opportunistic, breaking into the nun’s secret room in search of answers about his parentage and to prove she is indeed ‘hording’ the good food during rationing. When Hook wants him to steal an air ship and their cable car founders on the line, it’s Peter’s idea to cut the line and ‘swing’ them all over to the nearest ship. He somewhat impulsively joins in the fight to save Hook from a Native, but doesn’t realize his necklace is important or identifies him as ‘the foretold savior’ of Neverland. Peter rushes off to find his mother and enter the faerie kingdom, not realizing Blackbeard has followed him there, and only learns how to fly in self-defense, so he can save the faeries from complete annihilation.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Peter suffers from crippling self doubt and the need to have support around him; he is too scared to jump off the ship back onto the orphanage roof when his friend abandons him, and then wishes he had his friend with him when things turn dangerous. He flies quite by accident and then doesn’t know how to recapture his flight; even Tiger Lily believes he won’t learn to fly until he ‘trusts that he can do it.’ Peter seems to seek out allies wherever he can find them, putting his faith in Hook as a protector and feeling shocked and hurt when Smee betrays them. He tries to befriend Hook in the mines, only to be told that Hook ‘isn’t your friend.’ But he also has a playful and adventurous side; he can be courageous when he needs to be, as he explores Neverland, makes friends among the Natives, convinces Tiger Lily to join his cause, and fights Blackbeard alongside the faeries.