Giles has a passionate love for old movies, and basically has the same routine much of the time—staying at home working on his art (a job that is fast becoming obsolete, which he refuses to acknowledge), watching and talking at length about old movies, and going to purchase a truly dreadful Key Lime Pie on a regular basis, in order to forge what he hopes is a bond with the local soda jerk. He tries to convince Elisa that it isn’t horrible, but in truth he has stuffed his refrigerator full of half-eaten or barely touched slices, because he cannot muster up the courage to admit he hates it and order something new. Much of the film is his running monologue about how much or how little he likes certain things, and his feelings as things happen. He is warm-hearted and good-natured, but at first refuses to recognize the ‘personhood’ of the amphibian man, because it has nothing to do with how he sees humanity (as being a person, not a creature); he doesn’t really appreciate or understand Elisa’s connection to him and dismisses her repeatedly, until she confronts him with her self-identification. Then, even though he’s not entirely convinced of it, Giles agrees to help her risk her position and their liberty to save the creature’s life. He confesses he is “no good” at improvising, and it’s true, he can’t talk his way out of a sticky situation when the security guard questions him at the loading dock. Giles is also refusing to use his intuition to see where the future is headed (away from his job), and has not yet realized that he must adapt to survive.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/sp

Giles lives a comfortable life in which he hasn’t quite moved on from anything; despite losing his position, he continues to do freelance work for the same advertising firm and angles to get his position reinstated. He is passive about taking care of himself, which means Elisa tends to most of his needs – the only thing in his refrigerator is key lime pies with one bite taken out of them, from his endless trips to the pie store. He really hates conflict and feels quite upset when Elise hits him, saying she has never smacked him before (but it does force him to listen). He indulges in comfortable habits like watching old movies. And he becomes more 6ish under stress, moving toward anxiety, fear of being caught, and even violence against their enemies when necessary. He’s even able to rationalize away the loss of one of his pets, by excusing amphibian man’s behavior as that of “a wild animal” who knew no better; a shrug and he simply gets over it and moves on with their relationship.