Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Ruby finds it impossible to talk to other people about her feelings, going so far as to grab her stuff and run whenever something triggers an unpleasant memory or thought about her parents (being forced to sit through a drunk driving video in driver’s ed, she thinks about their crash). When Mrs. Glass asks her how her day went, she shrugs and says it wasn’t that bad, choosing instead not to think or talk about it. She prioritizes her relationship with her parents enough to say no to her friends’ suggestion of partying, because she ‘is already in hot water’ with them over an earlier infraction, so she chooses to go home instead. She’s also opportunistic in her attempts to save herself and her brother—she notices how Mr. Glass is behaving toward her, and listens in on his phone conversations. When she believes they are in danger, she runs off to confide in an authority figure, hoping they can do something to help her situation. She attempts to steal a car and drive her brother away to safety, but admits she has no plan beyond that, and they will have to figure it out on their way. Ruby faxes information sent by their school to the bank, so that Mr. Glass cannot use lies to obtain access to more of her inheritance. She and her brother figure out how to get out of the basement after being locked in there; she slashes Mr. Glass’ tires when she realizes he has cut the break line on his other car, which forces him and his loan shark friends into a near-fatal accident; she then runs him down in retaliation for her parents. She also shows flits of intuitive insight, in her full awareness that they are lying, there is something ‘creepy and wrong’ about the house and its occupants, and in her belief that they must escape.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Ruby is suspicious and fearful. She thinks Mr. Glass is attempting to hit on her or molest her in the car after they go to dinner—and he may have been, but he reaches for the seatbelt instead. She immediately runs to an authority figure to report this suspicious behavior. When the social worker says she will make a house inspection, Ruby instantly fears that this will cause the Glass family to know her involvement and punish her for it. She only agrees to go along, when the social worker assures her that she will make sure they know nothing about Ruby’s involvement. She doesn’t believe their lies about their secure finances or that Mrs. Glass is diabetic instead of a morphine addict. She accuses her brother of lying for them, because he was ‘bought off’ by their shiny electronic bribes (it’s true). When Mr.  Glass leaves the car out in plain sight, along with the keys, and falls asleep ‘drunk’ on the couch, Ruby doesn’t just grab them and run—she wonders why he did it. Her 7 wing is adventurous, though—she got into trouble with her friends for partying rather than studying, and then passed off a school paper that she got off the internet as her own work, to avoid getting into trouble.