Whitey is an opportunist who sees a pretty girl holding a fiddle, remembers his pa’s fiddle, and impulsively asks her for music lessons just for the chance to court her and spend time with her. But he rather foolishly miscalculates how much her father hates him, and is caught off guard when the man beats her up for having kissed and flirted with him in the creek. The man warns him to stay away, but when Whitey sees the town as needing additional protection from Griffin’s gang, he rides out there to try and recruit them into defending La Belle. He then is able to rescue his girlfriend when Griffin slaughters the Buffalo Soldiers, and get her away to safety. When men ride through the town intending to cause trouble, Whitey confronts them and shoots at them to make an impression. Whitey follows his heart right into danger, and makes a number of somewhat impulsive, emotional decisions, because he doesn’t see why he can’t be allowed to live according to however he feels in the moment. He seems oblivious to what a reputation as being ‘good with a gun’ will get him, since he loves to show off and gain attention as a talented gunslinger. Unfortunately for him, his arrogance gets him killed before he even has time to fire a single shot, because he walks out assuming he’s on top of the world and gets knifed in the chest.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Whitey has an optimistic and somewhat narcissistic temperament, in that he maintains a positive attitude throughout any and all downfalls, even in his disappointment over being unable to court the girl he loves. Though he’s angry when her father beats her with a strap for kissing him, Whitey also is enough of a head type not to react instinctively – it’s only when the punishment goes on at length that he decides to pull out his gun and maybe shoot the man. But he never gets a chance, and admits later that Roy saved him from a ‘mess of trouble’ if he’d reacted without thinking. He doesn’t have any interest in boredom and is always looking for stimulation of some kind (he’ll go off and leave his slop bucket rank, because he’s busy chasing a pretty girl). He’s a bit naïve in that he wants to believe the best of everyone, but also feels a desire to protect and serve his community and be a part of something. He often offers to ‘back people up’ when they need it, and will back down from a fight if he thinks he’s outgunned.