Lizzie has a warm and gracious attitude toward people and wants to keep them all happy. She asks her daughter if she wouldn’t mind going to work with her, even though Annie just got home, and then figures out how to showcase her wedding gown to the best advantage by using a hat to lift the veil. She is easy with her compliments and encouragement, happily telling the bride to “smile, it is your wedding day.” She stays busy and productive as a successful entrepreneur and has opened a store in London. But when Annie tells her the truth, after being delighted and overwhelmed, Lizzie bombards everyone in the house with an outpouring her anxious emotions about seeing Nick again—she flies around her room, chattering a mile a minute, and asks the butler to accompany her to California for “moral support.” She instantly reacts to seeing Nick in the elevator, wrapped around a “tall, leggy girl,” and is horrified to learn the girls didn’t warn Nick she was coming. She tries to be appropriate in social situations, but also gets herself drunk and acts foolish in front of people. Lizzie, much like Nick, has a sense of familiarity in returning to their relationship, but it also scares her, the thought of trying again when it clearly failed the first time. She does notice something a little strange about her daughter, but also doesn’t think much about it, until the truth becomes obvious.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Lizzie met and married a guy within a week… and then when it got ‘hard’ after an argument, she threw all her stuff into her suitcase, grabbed up a twin, and hit the road. She ran away. Given the chance to rekindle a relationship with Nick, what does she do toward the end? Grab a twin and… run away. She seems to be constantly avoiding her problems, while maintaining a sunny and optimistic attitude. She becomes nervous about meeting her ex, concerned with her appearance, and anxious, so she asks Martin to support her in her trip – but then she over-indulges on the plane so much, she gets ‘totally zonked.’ Her 6 wing becomes anxious and avoidant, eager for moral support, but she seems to lead with escapism rather than commitment. Fear causes her to run away when she should stay. And she hasn’t entered into any other relationships in the meantime, perhaps out of … sentiment? And also anxiety about failing again?