Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Annie is the more sensible and detail-driven one of the twins, who has studied fencing, foreign languages, and many other talents, and who finds it ‘strange’ that she and Hallie share the same face. She practically adds up the clues and points out that they must be twins, since all the pieces fit (they are identical, neither of them has both parents, they both like to dip their Oreos in peanut butter, and they share a birthday). Though initially resistant to the idea of changing her appearance to pretend to be Hallie, she reluctantly allows her twin to pierce her ears and give her a haircut. She isn’t nearly as good at covering up her ‘mistakes’ as her sister is in London, meaning she often resorts to silence, awkward conversations, and dismissing things offhand rather than being able to think outside the box. She doesn’t change any of her habits to match Hallie, either, including not eating anything for breakfast. She often avoids conversations rather than having them, if they strike her as unpleasant—rather than attempt to persuade her father to change his mind, Annie rushes back to the house on her horse (“race you, dad!”) so he can’t tell her about Meredith. She also keeps her emotions extremely private, causing her father and the housekeeper to both wonder what has ‘changed’ about her over the summer. When she cannot think of a way to stop the wedding, she calls up her sister and demands she spill the beans to their mother, and then get out to California to help her, quick.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Annie is much more cautious and fearful than her sister, ranging from her anxious “You sure you know what you’re doing?” when her sister is about to pierce her ear, to calling her up and demanding help in taking care of Meredith. She knows she cannot do this alone, so she seeks support. And while willing to make the switch, she’s not sure how to deal with the changes around her, or talk her way out of trouble when Chessie notices she’s behaving strangely. She’s also suspicious of Meredith right from the start and correctly identifies her as a problem that isn’t about to go away on its own. Annie isn’t above taking risks, however. She bets that she has a better hand than her sister, and winds up cheerfully diving into the lake naked. She pranks Hallie and her friends by dragging their beds up onto the roof of their cabin. She has a mischievous, likable ‘routine’ with Martin that involves a complicated handshake. And she is overall good-natured and willing to step outside her comfort zone. For a cause.