Hallie is a born opportunist and prankster who comes to camp dead-set on enticing other girls into gambling for money, then she ups the stakes and manages to get Annie to leap into the lake ‘butt naked.’ Once Annie and her friends put their cots on the roof, Hallie and her friends set up an elaborate trap system in Annie’s tent, which dumps honey, chocolate, and whipped cream all over the girls. She spends most of her time at camp engaging in competitive sports and mooning over attractive people (pasting their photos up on her walls). It’s her idea for them to switch places, and she isn’t afraid to cut Annie’s hair or pierce her ears. (She makes sure to sterilize the instrument first.) She’s rather detached and good at fooling people, since she can easily adopt her sister’s behaviors and persona, but Hallie is always looking for an angle. When they have their ‘check up’ phone call, she doesn’t want to give up her time with her mother yet, so she lies about the connection being bad. Some of the more mean-spirited pranks come from her in dealing with Meredith. She can be persuasive and team-spirited, but doesn’t have a ‘long game’ in mind other than to get their parents back together.

Enneagram:  7w8 so/sp

Hallie is an outgoing and vivacious girl, who easily makes friends at camp, who fearlessly heads off to a foreign country under an assumed identity to reconnect with her mother, and who is delighted with each new experience. She has a good sense of humor and… a rather mean streak. She can think up creative ways to sabotage Meredith, and get back at Annie and her friends. She always likes to ‘up the stakes,’ and bet higher, in her confidence that she can win, and then gloats when she does. Hallie isn’t that concerned with whether what she’s doing is ‘right’ or not, so much as she just wants it to work. When she enters, she plays to win and she intends to get rid of Meredith, no matter what.