Something of a loner who refuses to let people in emotionally, Cassie works at a dead-end job to just earn enough to support her ‘revenge’ scheme against all of mankind. You know, the real dirt bags who take her up on her “I am drunk” scheme, take her home, and then try to sleep with her, only to find out… she is stone cold sober. She remains detached while they talk to her, ply her with drinks, and feel her up, but then enjoys rubbing their faces in what a bad person they are, when she drops her act and confronts them about being rapists. She has no real people skills, since she bluntly tells people to get lost at her job, if she doesn’t want to fill in their order. When Ryan approaches her, and flatters her but digs himself into a hole verbally, she spits in his coffee because he told her if she wanted to, she could. She’s competent and reliable at her job, but also blunt and inconsiderate of the customers. Cassie knows that if anything happens to her, Nina won’t get justice, so she arranges for a video to go to the police along with evidence to frame her prospective murderer in case she goes missing. Cassie is always putting herself physically at risk, and doing dangerous things to even the score, because she assumes she can handle it, and she does so competently until it matters most. When she needs to lure a girl into the car, she has done her research and learned all about her and found what will appeal to her, then uses it to get her to come along to a diner. She gets an ex-friend drunk, and sets her up in a motel room so it looks like she has been assaulted. She threatens a woman at her college, unconcerned with the potential of doing jail time. She cannot guarantee the “nice boys” who take her home aren’t going to hurt her, but she still takes that risk to confront them. She wants to hurt the man who hurt her friend, so she cuffs him to a bed and straddles him, intending to cut him with a scalpel. Cassie confronts a lawyer, and lets him off the hook for feeling repentant for his crimes, but we then find out she had hired a thug to hurt him after her visit (she calls it off). Cassie thinks far enough ahead to get justice for her own downfall, but has rather poor intuition — she doesn’t imagine that Ryan had anything to do with what happened to Nina until she has visual proof. Mostly, though, we see her in the grip of inferior Fe. Cassie admits that before her friend got into trouble, she had a “plan” for her life. She always wanted to be a doctor, and worked toward that goal, even toughing it out during medical school, and for that reason, she wasn’t there the night her best friend needed her. Some dirt-bag fellow medical student got her drunk and raped her in front of all his laughing friends… and Cassie wasn’t there to protect her or save her, so she has refused to move on emotionally from that moment. Because she has no way to process those feelings, she has made it her mission in life to change people’s minds by screwing with their emotions. At least once a week, she goes out there and acts drunk to attract a “nice boy” who offers to see her home. She wants to scare and humiliate men, and to make women understand “what it feels like” to not remember who you slept with the next morning, by engaging them in mind games. Cassie believes the only way she can get another girl to understand what it’s like to be assaulted is to set her up to feel like she might have done something while drunk that she doesn’t remember—to put her through the same emotional experience Nina went through. In another instance, Cassie leads a woman to believe her daughter might be assaulted—you don’t know how it feels unless you’ve been there. Cassie measures all men by the same brush and has generalized them, assuming them to have patterns of behaviors that she intends to exploit (TiFe). She tries for a time to give up her hatred and move on with Ryan, even finding happiness and admitting to her feelings in a minor way, but she never is able to tell him why she does what she does, or talk to him about what happened to her best friend. And she has zero problems with leveraging what she knows against him to get what she wants; she won’t share his role in a crime if he tells her where to find the rapist (she threatens him by wondering what his parents, his friends, and his boss will say when they see what a scum wad he is).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Cassie is blunt, confrontational, and a little too self-confident for her own good, as it turns out. She gets right up in guy’s faces and challenges them about their predatory behaviors, not mincing words about what they intended to do to her, or did to her, when they assumed she was too drunk to remember or care. When a bunch of guys wolf whistle at her in the street, she stops and stares at them so hard, it makes them uncomfortable. When a man abuses her for stopping in the middle of the road, Cassie gets out of her car, calmly takes a tire iron out of her backseat, and smashes up his taillights and windshield. When she finds out the truth about Ryan’s involvement in a crime, she threatens him to either give her what she wants or she’ll send that video to everyone he knows and get him fired from his job. In their first meeting, when Ryan makes an idiot of himself and teasingly says she can spit in his coffee, and he’d still want to go out with her—she spits in his coffee. Cassie remains calm in every situation she’s in, even if it’s intense, and she isn’t afraid to put pressure on people and blankly sit there, ignoring them swearing at her or pleading with her to change her mind.