Spoilers. Unbeknownst to Jessie, the Linen Man is not who he appears to be in the fantasy world he draws her into, in-between her nightmares and dreams. He convinces her that he is her friend, a fellow individual able to see into the supernatural and discern things about the past by touching people, and urges her to develop her powers, reach out into the darkness, and find the source of the rift, by persuading her that he is there to help… but in truth, the Linen Man has been waiting for someone like her to turn up for a long time and lead him to the rift. He intends to use it to gain unlimited powers, so he can conquer the world. She factors into his future plans, because he sees her as a future wife for his son, so they can breed more of their kind—an elite race “above” mere humans to govern those of lesser gifts. He instinctively knows how to tap into what she fears, and how to get her to do what he wants her to, by pointing out how they are alike, how only he can understand her, and how different they are from other people (more “special”). When she starts to resist his mind control, he tries to wheedle his way into her emotions again by reminding her that her friends do not love or understand her, and then threatening to hurt her if she goes up against him, saying that either the rift will kill her, as it did her poor mother, or he will. He uses emotional manipulation to get to people, but also doesn’t see a point in killing them if he thinks they may prove useful—he leaves Sherlock and Beau alive even when they cross him. The Linen Man prefers to do things from the shadows, rather than directly engage his sensory environment. He proves poor at adapting, relying on his instincts more than sensory awareness to know when things are wrong, and uses mind control rather than brute force to get his way.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

The Linen Man is persuasive and ambitious, convinced of his own genius and how special he is, and believes he has the right to rule over the common horde because of his superior supernatural abilities. He easily pretends to be just what Jessie needs—a savior to lead her away from her nightmares, and offer her a place of comfort. In that in-between world, he tenderly treats her with kindness, reassurance, and gentleness, while picking at the nature of her friendships and trying to isolate her and make her dependent on him. He can be, in his actual state (no longer pretending) rather callous and arrogant. His 4 wing believes himself and her higher than others in their shared power, and he wants to create a lot more of their kind to leave behind a legacy that will make him infamous and establish his family as a dynasty.