Sherlock used to amaze people with his brilliant deductions that, in the words of Alice, pointed out surface observations that led to firm conclusions, which gave people a sense of ‘stability’ in a changing world. He was energetic, flamboyant, and driven, eager to engage and praise-seeking… but now he is nothing more than a wastrel who spends all of his time either drunk or high. He has buried his sorrows and his genius, after the loss of the woman he loves, into a lifestyle without purpose, driven purely to fulfill his momentary desires. Nothing exists beyond this moment, and he makes no intuitive leaps—simply stares out the window and relates what he sees to sound important. He’s keen to leverage situations to his advantage, and bluntly brilliant, but also oblivious to how other people feel—he never once assumed his daughters might need him, or how they would feel about being abandoned at a workhouse, or what the workhouse lifestyle might entail—he simply left them there assuming they were better off without him. He actively seeks praise and affirmation, needs to be told he’s a genius, and went out of his way to garner attention as a detective and budding spiritualist. He saw spiritualism as a way to become famous. He has lived and worked with Watson for a long time, never once realizing the dangerous levels of his friend’s obsession with him, or that he opened the rift that threatened all their lives a decade ago.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

This Sherlock is all about gathering praise and infamy for himself; he says that if they could discover the rift or reach into the supernatural realm, it would make them the most renowned discoverers in existence. He constantly draws attention to his own genius, hoping to elicit admiration and praise, and doesn’t like it when others infer that he is less brilliant than he supposes. He can be arrogant and self-serving, but also moody, elitist, withdrawn, and unable to cope with his losses. Rather than process his fiancée’s death and raise his daughters, he allowed it to consume him, make him feel abandoned and alone and worthless, and so became worthless through a full disintegration into 9ish apathy. He has wasted the last twelve or so years of his life through living an unfulfilled life, drinking, doing drugs, and letting his mental skills and business go to absolute ruin.