Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Spike is the comic relief who comes up with the zaniest ideas and conclusions, leaping into assuming what will happen and also using metaphorical language to describe himself (he calls himself the ‘skeleton’ of the group who holds them all together, not the testicles!). He likes to propose alternate theories for their conclusions and isn’t afraid to operate off his instincts, including accepting various things as real once he sees them for himself (zombies, ghosts, etc). He’s funny and eager to talk to other people. He looks for way to leverage situations using his instinctual sense of other people. He manages to flatter a woman in the mansion into talking to him and confiding her thoughts about John Watson,  by telling her that he approves of her lack of gossiping, and that he, too, is not prone to gossip. When Billy lands in prison, Spike goes to the palace where he manages to charm his way into being able to see Leo, so the prince can help them get their friend out of jail. Spike cares about the well-being of his companions, and often takes it upon himself to make sure they are “okay” whenever they become sullen or withdrawn by being funny and/or teasing them. He tries to draw Billy out of his slump and get him to talk about his feelings about being in the workhouse and his guilt about what happened there. Spike is supportive of whatever his friends want to do, and also able to easily make people like him. He is cautious and doesn’t like to take risks, but also is willing to banter with his friends, propose alternate theories for their conclusions, and follow clues wherever they lead. He doesn’t show much sentiment toward the past, but also likes to have a family unit to feel a part of.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Billy is more cautious than all of his friends, pointing out that they should cut and run while they still have all their limbs. He doesn’t like them to take risks, separate, or stick around in a haunted house, but he’s also focused on keeping them together as a group so they can protect each other. He tends to be a little suspicious of others’ motives, but also determinedly tries to keep everyone’s spirits high. He will go along with something he doesn’t like or that worries him, just because his friends ask him to (including breaking into 221B Baker Street and snooping around on his own… finding some stuff he didn’t want to find and assuming the worst, that Watson is into “dark stuff”). His 7 wing is fun-loving and funny, always looking for the bright side, and determined to make good things happen, even when Billy winds up in jail.