Leopold has rejected everything about being a royal, because he doesn’t want to be one and it doesn’t suit his personality. He tells his manservant if he forces him to remain in the palace, he will simply stop seeing everyone, talking to everyone, and doing “price things.” He feels much more at home among the street kids, where no one knows him and they all treat him normally. When a princess tells him they ought to prepare themselves to marry each other, he frankly replies, “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that never happens.” He’s sensitive to what others say about him and wants the people he cares about most to like him, without concerning himself about whether anyone else likes him or not, and he’s not afraid to alienate himself from his mother if need be to live the way he wants to. He makes repeated attempts to run away from the palace, succeeding in most of them and jeopardizing his safety in the process. He has certain ideas about how the outside world is going to be, and is curious about all of it, but also somewhat bookish and intellectual. Leo uses what he knows from palace life to help Bea and her friends solve the clue of the Chinese puzzle box, link the murder attempts to the Duke of Wellington, etc. He seems to be seeking a place to call home that feels more home-like to him than the distant place where he does not belong. Leo, for a time, after Beau rejects him, resigns himself to the life he does not want, saying that his servant has “won,” but then returns to his friends when he becomes aware of their need for his help. He can be rude under stress.

Enneagram: 4w5 sx/so

Leo admits that he does not feel like he fits in anywhere, that he is too broken for anyone to love him, and that he always feels like an outsider who doesn’t belong, whether it’s in the palace or in the streets. He assumes people will not want him and that there is something wrong with him, and feels frustrated that his broken body (his tendency to easily get hurt) has made it impossible for him to have the life that he wants outside the palace gates – so eventually, he simply decides to take that life for himself by doing what he wants, regardless of his personal safety or how it might impact others. He has to be true to who he is, he has to be with the woman he loves (not someone his mother has chosen for him), and he needs to find people who accept him for who he is. It took him a long time to leave his comfort zone, and Leo is prone to depressive and melancholic episodes. He resists others’ attempts to flatter him, and doesn’t need their approval in his decisions.