Avery is a camp counselor most of the year, so she really enjoys a few weeks during the summer when she can just be “one of the gang.” She is group-motivated, highly friendly and outgoing, finds it easy to talk to strangers and connect to them, and believes she knows what Will is feeling, even at the moments where he denies it. She knows she’s the right person to run after him and convince him to come home after he runs away from the camp, and is shocked and hurt when he lashes out at her, making nasty remarks about her “magical garden” to force her to leave him alone. But she respects his wishes and drives off, then apologizes to her friends for not being able to bring him back to them. She is open with her feelings and agrees to a truce to win at paint ball (and then betrays him after they’ve defeated their common enemy). She loves what she does, and the memories that camp provide her. It’s fun for her to revisit the same experiences every year, to return and take part in the same group activities, and build both her friendships and her memories moving forward. She will probably take over the camp whenever her father retires. Places of personal significance are meaningful to her, such as the garden she and her father made for her mother during the last few months of her life, where she could “sit and be peaceful” and not focus on the pain she was in anymore. She is playful and creative, funny and outgoing, eager to try things.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Avery at one point says Will shouldn’t call her “perfect,” because she hates that word—she admits that she spends all her time trying to be whatever anyone else wants from her, and “it’s exhausting.” She is outgoing, opportunistic, good-natured and able to move on from her pain, but also a self-admitted “competitive person.” She wants to win, and she often does—by forging alliances and then betraying them in friendly camp games, cheering on her companions, and pumps everyone up before a competition. She’s also warm and helpful, wanting Will to find his place in the world, inviting him to accompany to her “private spot” deep in the woods, and opening her heart to him. She forgives him for not telling her the truth about his past.