Victoria has a particular talent for calculating people’s actions, anticipating them, and reacting to them given the chance to make her move. She knows Alice can foresee her choices, so she hands over a lot of the decision making to Riley, whom she creates to carry out her grand scheme of killing Bella in retaliation for her lover’s death. She tells him any decisions will be left “to the last minute,” though her end goal is always the same, to destroy Bella. She seduces and emotionally manipulates Riley into doing her will, convincing him that to be safe, they need to destroy the Cullens, and creating a vicious army of newborns to take down her enemies; but she sees him as little more than a pawn in a chess game in which she intends to outsmart her adversaries. Victoria can be reckless at times, venturing into Cullen and wolf territory to track Bella, and almost killing her in the sea when she catches her cliff-diving, but she will often turn and run away at the last minute, when she sees she is outnumbered. She doesn’t want to die, and only charges at Bella on the mountaintop when Edward warns her that she’ll never get another chance, and taunts her by talking about the fun he had killing her lover.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

Above all else, Victoria wants to survive… even more than she wants Bella dead. She is cautious, paranoid, indecisive, and co-dependent, creating Riley as someone she can trust and rely on, while also not fully telling him the truth and abandoning him to his death to save herself. Victoria is cautious in how she approaches the Cullens, and is in it for the long haul—she schemes, she plots, she stays in the shadows, she avoids too much risk. She gets what she wants, Bella alone on a mountainside, and then almost runs for her life until Edward taunts her. She has a sadistic streak and a cruel nature, but also is flighty. She wants to have ‘fun’ and in the first film, plays with her food, teasing and intimidating people before she attacks them.