Emmett is spontaneous, reckless, and fun loving. He almost gets killed in the woods by leaping into wolf territory while chasing after Victoria, and then challenges Sam from across the river. He enjoys everything he does and is always looking for opportunities for action. The thought of fighting newborns or taking out Victoria excites him. He’s physical, loves working on his body, takes great pride in his strength (even asking Bella to arm-wrestle him), and is always up for a challenge. He hates sitting around and doing nothing, and enjoys going hunting. Edward says that Emmett and Rosalie were so into sex when they first got together, they drove everyone around them nuts, because that’s all they ever did. Emmett is fast to respond in any given situation, and very in tune with the people around him. Emmett likes to push himself, to see if he can go beyond his own expectations. Unlike his siblings, Emmett isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He is seen as “tactless” at times by Edward, but he’s frank in finding the humor in any situation. His ability to analyze and deconstruct information gives him the edge on pointing out the humor in everyday absurdities and conclusions. Emmett doesn’t always show it, but he’s smarter than he lets on – able to devise plans, and come up with the most logical immediate solution. He’s a vampire of few words, but what he says is calculated to make the most impact. He’s fun-loving, easy-going, and able to make friends without any trouble. Emmett opens up and shares his own personal experiences in an attempt to connect with others. He likes to tease them, but also feels an earnest need to protect them. He can be brutal and ruthless when defending his family. He’s friendly, enthusiastic, and exciting to be around. Though he doesn’t think much in the long term, Emmett has a positive outlook toward the future. He feels that it will be good, even when things look dire; he has an upbeat attitude that helps others look forward with hope rather than fear.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Emmett is good-natured and fun-loving, with an optimistic attitude and is forever cracking jokes to make other people laugh or pushing their buttons—such as when he annoys Bella by making constant references to her and Edward having sex. He is boastful and confident, sure that he is stronger than Bella and shocked to find out he isn’t, even though she’s a newborn. He is less fearful than his family and more inclined to take risks and show aggression, especially when protecting them. Emmett can be forceful and not-careful, he challenges the werewolves on numerous occasions, and becomes fiercely combative on the field. He balances out Rosalie, since he brings happiness into her life, where her natural focus is often on her miseries. Emmett refuses to let anything get him down.