Rosalie has no problem going ‘against’ the entire family and showing her contempt for Bella from the first moment they meet; she resists all encouragement from her family members to accept Bella, often refuses to go along with them for appropriateness’ sake, and is brutally honest in her opinions—which all, in some way, come back to herself and her own subjective experiences. She doesn’t want Bella to become a vampire, because she wishes Carlisle had not turned her into one—because she hates it, she won’t vote for Bella to join the family. She doesn’t like her, and won’t pretend otherwise. Rosalie is often sullen, resentful, and goes against social niceties, such as when she serves Jacob his hot dog in a dog bowl in reference to him being a wolf. She only opens up and becomes more accepting of Bella once Bella becomes pregnant—Rosalie so desperately wanted to be a mother and have a “normal life,” she becomes fiercely protective of the baby, and chastises anyone who is thinking of aborting it. She admits that she was silly, vain, theatrical, and superficial in her youth—falling for a man who turned out to be a violent, abusive rapist and who left her for dead in the street. She spends a lot of time in the books admiring her own appearance and priding herself on being beautiful, and becomes insanely jealous of anyone else who is more attractive than she is. Rosalie led a superficial human life, motivated toward getting others to admire and affirm her, built around her appearance. She focuses on being beautiful, on having lovely clothes, is musical, and spends time working on mechanical things, such as souping up her cars so she can drive over the speed limit. She can be rude under stress, and wonder why they should risk their lives for “outsiders.”

Enneagram: 4w3 sx/sp

Rosalie is never satisfied with her life. She gets to live forever—and instead she longs for the child she will never have, a white picket fence, and the ability to get old beside Emmett and die together. She chooses to focus not on what she has, but what she lacks—rather than appreciating her life as it is. Though Emmett makes her happy, she still thinks of it as a “half-life.” She is self-absorbed and sometimes petty, insecure, and neurotic, choosing to quarrel with Bella and keep her as an outsider, often going against the grain in the process, as she relates things back to the awful things that befell her before her death. (She punished the man responsible by picking off his friends one by one, and then showing up in a bridal gown to kill him. Ahh, the drama!) Her 3 wing is ambitious, self-confident, and flamboyant, she loves attention, praise, affirmation, and to be admired, and can be quite vain.